November 2011


Section 1:      Name in Vietnamese: Hội Sinh viên Việt Nam tại Đại học Tổng hợp Bang Colorado, Hoa Kỳ (tên gọi tắt là VSA-CSU)

Name in English: Vietnamese Students Association at Colorado State University, referred to hereafter as VSA-CSU


Section 1:      The purpose of VSA-CSU is to act as a coordinating body for all students interested in Vietnam at Colorado State University; within this capacity, its primary aim is to promote interest in Vietnam and Vietnamese culture, and awareness on campus, and in the community.


Section 1:      Active Membership

3.1.1                     Active membership is open to all students at Colorado State University who are interested in Vietnam and Vietnamese culture.

3.1.2                     Each active member has the right to one vote.

3.1.3                     Only active members may hold office.

Section 2:      Associated Membership

3.2.1                     Associated membership is open to faculty, staff, and interested people outside of the University setting, i.e. Fort Collins Community.

3.2.2                     Associate members may not vote, or hold office.

Section 3:      Alumni members may not vote, or hold office.

Section 4:      Membership Requirements

3.4.1                     Members must have an interest in Vietnam and Vietnamese culture.

3.4.2                     Membership may not be denied on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or political views.

Section 5:      Duties

3.5.1                     It is the duty of every member to promote wider understanding of intercultural and international affairs.           

3.5.2                     Every member should attend VSA-CSU meetings when possible.  If the meeting concerns procedural votes, members who cannot attend should delegate another representative to attend in their absence. Representatives DO NOT need to hold an office position.

Section 6:      Finances

3.6.1                     No dues will be collected.

3.6.2                     VSA-CSU will not, and cannot regulate individual funds for any individual member groups.

3.6.3                     VSA-CSU will represent Vietnamese students for the purpose of obtaining funds from ASCSU for VSA-CSU events.

3.6.4                     VSA-CSU will regulate and administer funds allocated for these events.

3.6.5                     VSA-CSU’s general account consists of funding from ASCSU, fund raising, contributions, or other donations.


Section 1:      Officers

4.1.1                     There will be a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

4.1.2                     The officers plus the advisor(s) will compose the executive board.

4.1.3                     The President cannot serve also as Treasurer

4.1.4               There will be a minimum of two officers.

4.1.5               Any active member of the club who is an enrolled student at CSU may be the President or Vice-President of the club.

Section 2:      Duties

4.2.1                     The President will act as the club’s coordinator; she/he will prepare the agenda, and preside over the meetings. The President will act as a liaison to CSU, ASCSU, the Office of International Programs, the Fort Collins International Center, and other organizations within the CSU and Fort Collins communities.

4.2.2                     The Vice-President will work with members within VSA-CSU and other internal activities.

4.2.3                     The Secretary will record the minutes at each meeting; she/he will be responsible for the distribution of the minutes to all the members, and notify members of upcoming meetings.

4.2.4                     The Treasurer will maintain the bookkeeping of the general account.

Section 3:      Election of Officers

4.3.1                     Officers will be elected by secret ballot, and have a majority vote by active members present.

4.3.2                     Elections will be held late in the Spring semester or in early September.

4.3.3                     Officers are allowed to serve for more than one term but re-elections must be held each year.


Section 1:      Business meetings will be held no less than two times during the regular academic year, or as needed in preparation for co-programming activities.

Section 2:      The Executive Board will meet whenever the need arises.


Section 1:      She/he will be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board.

Section 2:      She/he must be a faculty or staff at Colorado State University who has an interest in serving as an advisor. Preferably the advisor is directly associated with the Office of International Programs.

Section 3:      The advisor will offer advice but may not vote.


Section 1:      Proposals

7.1.1                     Amendments may be submitted at any regular business meeting and proposed by any active member.

7.1.2                     All amendments must be submitted, in writing, at least one week prior to voting.

Section 2:      Decisions

7.2.1                     Amendments will be voted on during regular business meetings by active members present.

7.2.2                     There must be a two-thirds majority of those present for the motion to be passed.

7.2.3                     The amendment must be approved by a two-thirds vote of active members that are present.

SIGNATURE OF PRESIDENT                             TODAY’S DATE


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